Britax Car Seat Wizard User Manual

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Use only in a rear-facing position when using restraint with an  
infant weighing less than 22 pounds (10 kg).  
Based on crash statistics, the National Highway Traffic Safety  
Administration recommends that parents select the rear seat as  
the safest location for a properly installed child restraint. Please  
study the section on Vehicle Safety Belts in this booklet to  
ensure the childs safety. If in doubt about installing the child  
restraint, consult the vehicle owners manual.  
Use only with children who weigh between 5 and 65 pounds  
(2.3 and 29 kg) and whose height is 49 inches (124 cm) or less.  
Rear facing 5–33 pounds (2.3–15 kg) and forward facing  
maximum 65 pounds (29 kg).  
Secure this child restraint even when it is not occupied. In a  
crash, an unsecured child restraint may injure vehicle occupants.  
Snugly adjust the belts provided with this child restraint around  
your child. A snug strap should not allow any slack. It lies in a  
relatively straight line without sagging. It does not press on the  
childs flesh or push the childs body into an unnatural position.  
When using in vehicle with air bags, refer to the vehicle owners  
manual for child restraint installation instructions and  
Secure the top anchorage strap provided with this child restraint.  
Restraint must be in the full upright position when installed in  
forward facing mode with children over 33 pounds (15 kg).  
Secure this child restraint with the vehicles child restraint  
anchorage system if available or with a vehicle belt.  
Never use the adjuster strap to lift or carry this child restraint. Doing  
so could cause damage to the harness adjuster and webbing.  
Always carry this child restraint by the shell or tether straps.  
Follow all instructions on this child restraint and in the written  
instructions located on lanyard, under cover in front of seat.  
Register your child restraint with the manufacturer.  
The primary protection for occupants of a vehicle in a collision  
is the body of the vehicle itself; a child restraint will not protect  
a child when the vehicle is seriously impacted. However,  
correctly installed, a child restraint will substantially improve the  
chances for survival in most crashes. Make sure that all users  
fully understand the correct ways to use this child restraint in a  
Use vehicle belt (not LATCH connectors) for installations with  
children weighing more than 48 pounds (21 kg). Refer to the  
vehicle owners manual or contact the vehicle manufacturer for  
the maximum weight rating for their LATCH anchors. Unless  
specified otherwise by the vehicle manufacturer, assume a 48-  
pound child is the vehicle LATCH anchor limit.  
• This child restraint must not be used in the home, in boats, or  
other non-certified applications.  
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Safety Information  
Safety Information  
• This child restraint system conforms to all applicable Federal  
motor vehicle safety standards. This restraint is certified for use  
in motor vehicles and aircraft.  
Verify that the child restraint is secure and that the harness is  
properly adjusted around the child each time the child restraint  
is used.  
Adjust the harness to fit the clothes the child is wearing. The fit for  
a child in winter clothes will differ from a child in summer clothes.  
Cover the restraint when the vehicle is parked in direct sunlight.  
Parts of the child restraint could become hot enough to burn the  
Fill out the registration card and mail it in today!  
Child restraints could be recalled for safety reasons. You must  
register this restraint to be reached in a recall. Send your name,  
address, and the restraint's model number and manufacturing  
date to Britax Child Safety, Inc. 13501 South Ridge Drive  
Charlotte, NC 28273 or call 1-888-4BRITAX. For recall  
information, call the U.S. Government's Auto Safety Hotline at  
1-800-424-9393 (202-366-0123 in DC area).  
Store the child restraint in a safe place when it is not being used.  
Avoid placing heavy objects on top of it.  
Discontinue use of a child restraint that is older than six years or  
has been in a severe crash to prevent injury due to deterioration  
or hidden damage.  
You may also register by visiting  
Do not leave children alone in a vehicle, even for a short time.  
Do not, except as described in this booklet, attempt to disassem-  
ble any part of the child restraint or change the way its harness or  
the vehicle restraint belts are used.  
Do not leave loose objects, e.g. books, bags, etc., in the back of a  
vehicle. In the event of a sudden stop, loose objects will keep  
moving, potentially causing serious injuries.  
Do not leave folding vehicle seats unlatched. In the event of a  
sudden stop, a loose seat back could prevent the child restraint  
from protecting the child as well as it should.  
WARNING! DO NOT place a child  
restraint in the front seat of a vehicle with  
a passenger air bag unless the air bag is  
turned off. DEATH or SERIOUS INJURY  
can occur. The back seat is the safest place  
for children under 12.  
Do not allow children to play with the child restraint.  
Do not use anything to raise the restraint off the vehicle seat. In an  
crash, it could slide and may not protect the child as well as it  
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