Sharp Air Conditioner Af S60fx User Manual

Customer assistance for air filters cleaning (E1 code)  
on Sharp Air Conditioners.  
The display will indicate an E1 code and not allow the unit to operate until the code is cleared when it is  
time to clean the filter. For proper clearing of the display and continued operation, assist the customer  
with the following guideline when they have a question with the operation manual.  
<Applicable page on operation manual >  
AF-S60FX / AF-S80FX / AF-S85FX / AF-R80FX …(Page 17)  
AF-S100FX / AF-S120FX / AF-S125FX / AF-R100FX / AF-R120FX …(Page 16)  
If any customer has a continued problem or can not clear the display following these instruction,  
have them contact 1-800-BE-SHARP (1-800-237-4277).