Haier Air Conditioner AB094FAAHA User Manual

Indoor Unit Operation & Installation  
Please read this operation manual before using the air conditioner.  
Please keep this manual carefully and safely.  
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Disposal of the old air conditioner  
Consult your local authorities for the name and  
address of the waste materials collecting  
centers and waste paper disposal services  
nearest to your house.  
Before disposing an old air conditioner  
that goes out of use, please make sure it's  
inoperative and safe. Unplug the air  
conditioner in order to avoid the risk of  
child entrapment.  
Safety Instructions and Warnings  
Before starting the air conditioner, read the  
information given in the User's Guide  
carefully. The User's Guide contains very  
important observations relating to the  
assembly, operation and maintenance of the  
air conditioner.  
It must be noticed that air conditioner  
system contains refrigerants, which require  
specialized waste disposal. The valuable  
materials contained in a air conditioner can  
be recycled. Contact your local waste  
disposal center for proper disposal of an  
old air conditioner and contact your local  
authority or your dealer if you have any  
question. Please ensure that the pipework  
of your air conditioner does not get  
damaged prior to being picked up by the  
relevant waste disposal center, and  
contribute to environmental awareness by  
insisting on an appropriate, anti-pollution  
method of disposal.  
The manufacturer does not accept  
responsibility for any damages that may  
arise due to non-observation of the following  
Damaged air conditioners are not to be  
put into operation. In case of doubt, consult  
your supplier.  
Use of the air conditioner is to be carried  
out in strict compliance with the relative  
instructions set forth in the User's Guide.  
Disposal of the packaging of your new  
air conditioner  
Installation shall be done by professional  
people, don't install unit by yourself.  
All the packaging materials employed in  
the package of your new air conditioner  
may be disposed without any danger to the  
For the purpose of safety, the air  
conditioner must be properly grounded in  
accordance with specifications.  
The cardboard box may be broken or cut  
into smaller pieces and given to a waste  
paper disposal service. The wrapping bag  
made of polyethylene and the polyethylene  
foam pads contain no fluorochloric  
Always remember to unplug the air  
conditioner before opening inlet grill. Never  
unplug your air conditioner by pulling on the  
power cord. Always grip plug firmly and  
pull straight out from the outlet.  
All these valuable materials may be taken to a  
waste collecting center and used again after  
adequate recycling.  
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All electrical repairs must be carried out  
by qualified electricians. Inadequate repairs  
may result in a major source of danger for  
the user of the air conditoiner.  
4. The wiring method should be in line with the  
local wiring standard.  
5. The power cable and connecting cable are  
self-provided. The requirement of the power  
cable:H05RN-F 3G 1.5mm2  
Do not damage any parts of the air  
conditioner that carry refrigerant by  
piercing or perforating the air conditioner's  
tubes with sharp or pointed items, crushing  
or twisting any tubes, or scraping the  
coatings off the surfaces. If the refrigerant  
spurts out and gets into eyes, it may result  
in serious eye injuries.  
The requirement of the connecting cable:  
H05RN-F 2¡`(1.0~1.5)mm2  
All the cables shall have got the European  
authentication certificate.  
6. The breaker of the air conditioner should be  
all-pole switch; and the distance between its two  
contacts should be no less 3mm. Such means for  
disconnection must be incorporation in the fixed  
7. The waste battery shall be disposed properly.  
8. The indoor unit installation height is at least  
Do not obstruct or cover the ventilation  
grille of the air conditioner. Do not put  
fingers or any other things into the  
inlet/outlet and swing louver.  
Do not allow children to play with the air  
conditioner. In no case should children be  
allowed to sit on the outdoor unit.  
The refrigerating circuit is leak-proof.  
The machine is adaptive in following  
1. Applicable ambient temperature range:  
Rated Maximum Minimum  
DB C 27  
WB C 19.5  
DB C 35  
WB C 24  
DB C  
WB C  
DB C  
WB C  
2. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be  
replaced by the manufacturer or its service  
agentor a similar qualified person.  
3. If the fuse on PC board is broken please  
change it with the type of T 3.15A /250VAC.  
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Safety cautions  
Carefully read the following information in order to operate the airconditioner correctly.  
Below are listed three kinds of Safety Cautions and Suggestions.  
Incorrect operations may result in severe consequences of death or serious injuries.  
Incorrect operations may result in injuries or machine damages; in some cases may  
cause serious consequences.  
INSTRUCTIONS: These information can ensure the correct operation of the machine.  
Be sure to conform with the following important Safety Cautions.  
The Safety Cautions should be at hand so that they can be checked at any time when needed.  
If the conditioner is transferred to the new user, this manual should be as well transferred to the new user.  
Don't blow the human body with the cooling  
air too long, and don't let the room tempera-  
ture decrease too low  
Please let the dealer be responsible for installing  
the conditioner.  
Incorrect installation may cause water leak, elec-  
trical shock and fire hazard.  
Otherwise the one  
will feel unpleasant  
or harm ones' health.  
Don't put fingers or any other things into the  
inlet/outlet and swing louver while the condi-  
tioner is in operation.  
Because the highspeed  
fan is very dangerous  
If any abnormal phenomena is found (e. g.  
smell of firing), please cut off the power  
supply immediately, and contact the dealer  
to find out the handling method.  
In such case, to continue  
and may cause injuries.  
using the conditioner will  
damage the conditioner,  
Call the dealer to take measures to prevent the  
refrigerant from leaking.  
and may cause electrical  
shock or fire hazard.  
If conditioner is installed in a small room be sure  
to take every measure in order to prevent suffoca-  
tion accident even in case of refrigerant leakage.  
When need maintenance and repairment,  
call dealer to handle it.  
Incorrect mainten-  
ance and repairment  
may cause water  
When conditioner is deinstalled or reinstalled  
dealer should be responsible for them.  
Incorrect installation may cause water leaking,  
electrical shock and fire hazard.  
leak, electrical shock  
and fire hazard.  
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Don't operate the air-con-  
ditioner with damp hands.  
Conditioner should not be used for any other  
purpose other than airconditioning.  
Don't use air-conditioner for any other special  
purposes, e.g. the preservation and protection  
of food, animals, plants,  
pecision apparatus as well  
as work of art, otherwise  
the qualities of these  
stuffs may be damaged.  
Otherwise will be shocked.  
Only use correctly-typed fuse.  
May not use wire or any other  
materials replacing fuse, other-  
wise may cause faults or fire  
Don't place any burning unit  
in the air flow of air-conditioner,  
which may cause incomplete  
Don't dismantle the outlet of the outdoor unit.  
The exposure of fan is  
very dangerous which  
may harm human be-  
No inflammable spray fluid  
should be permitted to be  
placed or used near to air-  
conditioner otherwise may  
cause fire accidents.  
When air-conditioner is co-used with other  
heat-radiator the frequent replacement of  
room atmosphere should be required.  
Inefficient venti-  
lation may cause  
Air-conditioner should be  
cleaned only after power  
supply is cut off to keep  
from shock or hurt.  
After a long time use of air-conditioner the  
base should be checked for any damages.  
If the damaged base is  
not repaired, the unit  
may fall down and  
Don't clean air-conditioner  
with water.  
Otherwise may cause  
cause accidents.  
No goods or nobody is permitted to placed on  
or stand on outdoor unit.  
When use the fumigating insecticide don't  
open air-conditioner.  
The falling of goods and  
people may cause acci-  
Otherwise the poisonous chemicals may settle  
in air-conditioner which harm the health of  
chemical-allergic people.  
Pets and plants should not be blowed directly  
in the air flow.  
Otherwise will suffer  
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Please ask the dealer or specialist to install, never try by the users themselves. After the installation please  
be sure of the following conditions.  
Please call dealer to install the air-conditioner.  
Incorrect installation may cause water leaking, shock and fire hazard.  
Air-conditioner can't be installed in the envi-  
ronment with inflammable gases because the  
inflammable gases near to air-conditioner may  
cause fire hazard.  
Connect earthing wire.  
Earthing wire should not be con-  
nected to the gas pipe, water pipe,  
lightning rod or phone line, in-  
correct earthing may cause shock.  
Installed electrical-leaking circuit breaker.  
It easily cause electrical shock without circuit  
Use discharge pipe correctly to ensure efficient  
Incorrect pipe use may cause water leaking.  
Air-conditioner should be located in well-vented  
and easily-accessible place.  
As required, take measures against heavy snow.  
Air-conditioner should not be located in the  
following places:  
(a) Places with machine oils or other oil vapours.  
(b) Seaside with high salt content in the air.  
(c) Near to hot spring with high content of sulfide  
(d) Area with frequent fluctuation of voltage e.g.  
factory, etc.  
(e) In vehicles or ships.  
Air-conditioner should be equipped with special  
power supply wire.  
[Operating noise]  
Choose the following locations:  
(a) Capable of supporting air-conditioner weight,  
don't increase operating noise and vibration.  
(b) Hot vapour from outdoor unit outlet and ope-  
rating noise don't disturb neighbour.  
(f) Kitchen with heavy oil vapour or humidity.  
(g) Near to the machine emitting electric-magnetic  
No obstacles around the outdoor unit outlet.  
(h) Places with acid, alkali vapuor.  
TV, radio, acoustic appliances etc are at least 1 m  
far away to the indoor unit, outdoor unit, power  
supply wire, connecting wire, pipes, otherwise  
images may be disturbed or noises be created.  
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Introduction to Spare Parts  
Discharge unit (built in)  
In cooling operation,  
to discharge the  
water from inside the  
Drain Hose  
Swing fender  
(located in the outlet)  
Refrigerant pipe  
Cable line  
Earthing line  
Air filter  
(located in the suction grill)  
Suction grill  
Anti-bacteria filter  
Air intake  
Air Outlet  
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(B) Wash with water.  
[Clean air filter]  
With too much dust, use soft brush and neutral  
Swing off the water, and then place in cool place.  
When having to clean, don't dismantle  
air-filter,otherwise may cause faults.  
In the environment where there is too  
much dust, air filter should be cleaned  
for more times.  
(about half a year one time)  
1. Open inlet grill  
5. Install air filter  
Press the elliptical "PUSH" knob, the inlet  
grill will automatically drop. (the inlet grill  
is catched with two pothooks)  
(1) Put filter into protruding parts at the top of  
the inlet grill.  
(2) Connect the two pothooks with inlet grill  
See 2  
Press the elliptical knob  
the inlet grill will  
automatically drop  
Open two  
2. Open two othooks  
3. Dismantle air filter  
Connect the two pothooks with inlet grill  
See 1.  
6. Close inlet grill  
[Clean inlet grill]  
Drag the knob of  
the grill back lift  
the filter and take  
1. Open inlet grill  
Air filter  
Press the elliptical "PUSH" knob, the inlet  
grill will automatically drop. (the inlet grill  
is catched with two pothooks)  
4. Clean  
Press the elliptical knob  
the inlet grill will  
automatically drop  
(A) Remove dust with vacuum filter.  
Open two  
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2. Take off airfilter  
3. Take of inlet grill  
[Dismantle and install swing  
plate ]  
1. Fix the swing plate at the bottom.  
2. Dismantle the swing plate.  
4. Clean  
Use water to clean the plate and don't heavily  
scrub, otherwise the fine hair may fall off.  
Unscrew the screw at both ends of the swing  
[Dismantle and install swing  
plate ]  
When the filter too much dust  
To spray the special detergent for vent fan or  
3. Install swing plate  
Lightly rotate swing plate to insert the ridge  
at both ends of the outlet into the groove  
and then screw up.  
5. Install inlet grill  
6. Install air filter  
7. Close inlet grill  
see 3  
see "Clean air filter"  
see 1  
[Clean outlet and shell]  
Don't use gasoline, benzene, dilutant,  
polishing powder, or liquid inseticide.  
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Seasonal Reserve  
Post-season Care  
Operate the unit with FAN mode on a fair day for about half  
a day to dry the inside of the unit well.  
Stop operation and turn off the power supply switch .Electric  
power is consumed even the air conditioner is in stop.  
Clean the air filter, indoor unit and outdoor unit,and cover  
the unit with dustcoat.  
Pre-season Care  
See that there is no obstacles blocking the air  
inlet and air outlet of both indoor and outdoor  
unit to avoid reduce the working efficiency.  
Be sure to install the air filter, ensure that the air filter is not dirty. Otherwise may result in  
machine damages or cause malfunciton due to dust inside the unit  
To prevent compressor when start in HEAT mode,  
please cut in the power supply switch 12 hours  
before starting run,furthermore, always keep the  
power supply switch on during the using senson.  
1. The inner part of indoor unit must be cleaned. Consult dealer, because clean must be done by  
In cooling operation, discharging system discharge water in room.  
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Trouble Shooting  
The followings are not malfuncition  
When the air conditoner is started, when the  
compressor starts or stops during operation  
or when the air conditioner is stopped,it som-  
etimes sounds “ Bi- Bi-” or “Godo-Godo”. It is  
the flowing sound of the refrigerant , not a  
Water flowing sound is heard  
This is caused by heat expansion or contra-  
ction of plastics  
Cracking sound is heard  
It smells.  
Air blown out from the indoor unit sometimes  
smells. The smell results from smells of  
furniture, paint , tobacco absorbed by indoor  
During operation, white fog comes out of  
indoor unit.  
When in COOL or DRY mode, a thin water  
fog can be seen blown out of unit ,this is the  
condensed fog because the suddenly cooled  
indoor air is blown out.  
To prevent frost from being accumulated on the  
indoor unit heat exchanger, it sometimes auto-  
matically switched into the FAN mode,but it will  
soon back to the cooling mode.  
Automatically switch into FAN mode during  
The air conditioner cannot be restarted soon  
after it stops.  
Air conditioner does not start?  
This is because of the self-protection function  
of the system, therefore,it cannot be restarted  
for about three minutes after it stops.  
Please wait for  
three minutes  
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Trouble Shooting  
Air does not blow or the fan speed cannot be  
changed during drying.  
In DRY mode, when room temperature  
becomes 2 C higher than temperature setting,  
unit rill run intermittently at LO speed regardless  
of FAN setting  
This happens when the frost accumulated on  
the outdoor unit is removed (during defrosting  
Water or vapor generated from the outdoor  
unit during heating.  
Defrosting operation  
To get ride of the excess heat, indoor fan will  
continue running for a while after unit autom-  
atically stops.  
During heating,indoor fan is still running even  
unit is stopped.  
Please check the following things about your air conditioner before making a  
service call.  
Unit fails to start.  
Is the earth leakage breaker  
in action ?  
Is city supply power normal ?  
Is the power supply switch on ?  
Power supply switch is not in  
ON position.  
Be sure to turn off the power  
supply switch immediately and  
contact the sales dealer.  
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When Trouble Happens  
Insufficient cooling or heating  
The operation controller  
adjusted as required  
Air filter too dirty ?  
Horizontal swing louver  
upward ? (in HEAT mode)  
Any obstacle exists at the air  
inlet or outlet?  
Door or window left opened ?  
Insufficient cooling  
Too crowed in the room ?  
Sunlight direct into the  
room ?  
Any other heat sources in the  
Cooled air blown out ( when heating)  
When the air conditioner does not operate properly after  
you have checked the above-mentioned items or when  
following phenomenon is observed,stop the operation of  
the air conditioner and contact your sales dealer.  
1)The fuse or breaker often shuts down.  
2)Water drops off during cooling or drying operation.  
3)There is an irregularity in operation or abnormal sound that  
is audible.  
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When Trouble Happens  
1. Error display  
Indoor unit malfunction display code  
Indoor unit malfunction  
Float switch or water motor abnormal  
Outdoor unit abnormal  
Display code  
Indoor unit malfunction  
Display code  
The communication with electronic  
expansion box is abnormal  
The communication between the  
wire remote controller and indoor  
unit control board is abnormal  
Liquid temperature sensor is abnormal  
Gas temperature sensor is abnormal  
Indoor unit adress abnormal  
(Firstly you saw E5 in controller LCD,  
and then the failure code is changed  
from E5 to E9)  
The communication between indoor  
and outdoor unit is abnormal  
Water temp. sensor is abnormal (Only  
used for the twin energy source function)  
Indoor unit EEPROM data is abnormal  
Remote controller Timer and Operation indicator malfunction code  
When the unit running, Timer indicator flash stand for indoor unit malfunction  
Timer indicator  
Indoor unit malfunction  
Flashing times  
The liquid tube temperature sensor is abnormal  
The gas tube temperature sensor is abnormal  
Flashing once  
Flashing twice  
Flashing 3 times The environment temperature sensor is abnormal  
Flashing 4 times The communication with outdoor unit is abnormal  
The ommunication with the electronic expansion valve control board is abnormal  
Flashing 5 times  
Flashing 10 times  
Flashing 11 times  
Indoor unit PG fan motor is abnormal  
Indoor unit water overflow or float switch is abnormal  
Flashing 12 times  
Flashing 15 times  
Indoor unit EEPROM data is abnormal  
Water temp. sensor is abnormal£¤Only used for the twin energy source function£'  
Outdoor unit malfunction display code  
When the wire remote controller display E1,Can check the outdoor unit control board LED1 or outdoor  
unit malfunction display code to sure outdoor unit malfunction.  
When the operation indicator flashing stand for outdoor unit malfunction,Operation indicator flashing  
times can't determinant outdoor unit malfunction ,You must check the outdoor unit control board LED1  
flashing times or outdoor unit malfunction display code to sure outdoor unit malfunction.  
Others malfunction manual plese read the outdoor unit manual.  
Please keep this manual carefully and safely.  
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Customer Need-to-know  
Customer Need-to-know  
Please install the air conditioner according to the requirements specified in this manual to ensure  
the air conditioner work well.  
Be careful not to scratch the surface of the case during moving the air conditioner.  
Please keep the installation manual for future reference when maintenance and changing installation place.  
After installation ,please use the air conditioner according to the specification in the operation  
Using Directions  
Avoid direct sunlight and airflow  
Adjust suitable airflow direction  
Keep the proper indoor temperature.  
Too cool or hot is not good for your health.  
Furthermore,it will result in excessive  
consumption of electric power.  
Effectively use timer.  
Using TIMER mode, you can make the room  
temperature reach a suitable temperature when  
you wake up or go back home.  
ATTENTION: after finishing installation,confirm no refrigerant leakage.  
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Installation Procedure  
Installation tools  
Following in the list are the accessories  
supplied with the unit,which can be used  
as required  
The installation tools listed in the  
following sheet can be used as required.  
1. Screw driver  
2. Hacksaw  
Accessory parts  
3. Drill with a diameter of 60mm  
4. Inner hexagon spanner,shifting  
5. Spanner (14, 17, 19,24,27mm)  
6. Pipe cutter  
7. Pipe expander  
8. Knife  
9. Pincers  
Remote controller  
Wire clamp  
10. Leakage detector or soapy water  
11. Band tape  
12. Scraper  
Screw cap  
13. Refrigerant oil  
R e m o t e  
Standard accessories  
The following parts mentioned in this  
manual are the installation accessories  
we prepared.  
Parts Name  
Adhesive tape  
Pipe clamp  
Connecting hose  
Drainage hose  
heat insulating material  
Gypsum powder  
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Installation Procedure  
To ensure proper installation, read "Cautions" carefully before working. After  
installation, start the unit correctly and show customers how to operate and  
maintain the unit.  
Meanings of Warning and Cautions:  
Warning! Serious injury or even death might happen, if it is not observed.  
Caution! Injury to people of damages to machine might happen, if it is not observed.  
Installation shall be done by professional people, don't install unit by yourself. Incorrect installation will  
cause water leakage, electric shock or fire.  
Install unit as per the Manual. Incorrect installation will cause water leakage, electric shock or fire  
Be sure to use specified accessaries and parts. Otherwise, water leakage, electric shock, fire accident or  
unit falling down may happen.  
Unit should be placed on a place strong enough to hold the unit. Or, unit will fall down causing injuries.  
When install the unit, take in consideration of storms, typhoom, earthquake. Incorrect installation may  
cause unit to fall down.  
All electric work shall be done by experienced people as per eocal code, regulations and this Manual.  
Use exclusive wire for the unit. Incorrect installation or undersized electric wire may cause electric  
shock or fire accident.  
All the wires and circuit shall be safe. Use exclusive wire firmly fixed. Be sure that external force  
will not affect terminal bolck and electric wire. Poor contact and installation may cause fire accident.  
Arrange wire correctly when connectin indoor and outdoor power supply. Fix terminal cover firmly to  
avoid overheat, electric shock or even fire accident.  
In case retrigerant leakage occurred during unit installation, keep a good ventilation in the room.  
Poisonous gas will occur when meet with fire.  
Check the unit upon installation. Be sure there is no leakage. Refrigerant will induce poisonous gas  
when meet heat source as heater, oven, etc.  
Cut power supply before touching terminal bolck.  
Unit shall be grounded. But grounding shall not be connected to gas pipe  
water pipe, telephone line. Poor grounding will cause electric shock.  
Be sure to install a leakage breaker to avoid electric shock.  
Arrange water drainage according to this Manual. Cover pipe with insulation materials in case  
dew may occur. Unproper installation of water drainage will cause water leakage and wet your furniture.  
To maintain good picture or reduce noise, keep at least 1 m from T.V. radio, when install indoor and ou-  
tdoor unit, connecting wire and power cable. (If the radio wave is relatively strong, 1 m is not enough  
to reduce noise).  
Don't install unit in following places:  
(a) Oil mist or oil gas exists, such as kitchen, or, plastic parts may get aged, or water leakage.  
(b) Where there is corrosive gas. Copper tube and welded part may be damaged due to corrosion,  
causing leakage.  
(c) Where there is strong radiation. This will affect unit's control system, causing malfunction of the unit  
(d) Where flamable gas, dirt, and volatile matter (thinner, gasoline) exist, These matter  
might cause fire accident.  
Refer to paper pattern when installing unit.  
Cautions for the installation personnel  
Don't fail to show customers how to operate unit.  
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