Edimax Technology Switch EK UAK4 User Manual

If you use Windows 95/98/SE and has not yet installed a USB  
mouse on your computer, there might be an error message  
telling you that mouse is not detected and prompting you to  
decide whether to ignore the same message in the future,  
and yet you found there is no mouse movement to disable  
this message….So it is suggested that you should installed  
your USB mouse on your computer first, before connecting it  
to this KVM Switch.  
2/4 ports USB KVM Switches  
Quick Installation Guide  
KVM Switching Client Software for Windows  
User-definable Hotkeys  
Independent/Simultaneous Audio & PC Switching  
Auto scan Delay Time Programmable  
After the installation is completed, you will see a KVM  
Switcher icon on the system tray of your window desktop.  
Just right click to evoke the operation menu and double-  
click to evoke configuration box. For operation details of the  
KVM Switcher software, please refer to the “Operation  
Quick Reference.  
The EK-UAK2 / EK-UAK4 is a 2 / 4 ports Slim Palmtop  
USB KVM Switch with optional audio and microphone  
switching function. It allows you to access, control, boot  
and reboot multiple USB-enabled computers. The  
independent audio/mic switching function allows an  
uninterrupted audio experience on a same connected  
computer even when you switch to another computer.  
EK-UAK4 Configuration Diagram  
: No live connection detected  
Easy Operation  
: Current active PC channel is on port 1  
: Current active PC channel is on port 2  
There are two methods to control your KVM Switch for PC  
switching: using the face-panel push buttons or a hotkey  
sequence. For audio/mic switching, use the hotkey  
command. See Quick Reference Sheet  
Out-of-the-box Installation  
Step 1. Insert the companion CD ROM into your CD drive,  
and the installer program will be run, click the “USB Series  
Utility Setup” then click “Click To Setup Utility” the  
programs will be start… (or you can find it with the Explorer  
and double-click its software icon to start installation).  
Complete the software installation on each of the  
The KVM Switcher Software supports only the Windows  
operating system on PC platforms. For other OS platforms such as  
Linux , you can still use the keyboard hotkey - ScrLk + ScrLK - to  
switch PC. However, this switching hotkey is not available on non-  
PC platform such as MacOS. When connected to a Mac machine,  
use the face-panel button to switch port.  
Face-panel buttons  
The face-panel buttons allows you a direct control over PC  
port switching. Simply press the button to switch PC port.  
By default, PC port switching and Audio/Mic port switching  
are unbound (either will be switched independently).  
computers to be connected to the KVM Switch.  
Step 2. Connect the shared USB keyboard, mouse,  
monitor, speaker/headphone and microphone each to its  
port on your KVM Switch.  
Keyboard hotkey  
A keyboard hotkey sequence consists of at least three  
specific keystrokes: See Quick Reference Sheet  
= Ctrl+ Alt + [Command key]*  
Step 3. Connect each KVM PC port to a computer, using  
the slim 3-in-1 KVM combo cable and the audio/mic cable.  
After you have connected the KVM and computers properly,  
Now you can operate the KVM Switch immediately.  
Universal hotkey = ScrLK + ScrLk  
* The command key is user-definable via the configuration dialog box  
Each keystroke within a hotkey sequence should be pressed  
within 2 seconds. Otherwise, the hotkey sequence will not be  
Some older computers with USB interface might need to  
manually enable the USB option in the BIOS settings before  
you can use any USB devices. If your USB interface does not  
work, please check the USB option status in the BIOS.  
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