Rangemaster Oven R604 User Guide

Electric Oven  
User Guide  
Installation & Service Instructions  
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DocNo.014-0001 - Introduction - BI oven  
1. Before You Start...  
Thank you for buying a Rangemaster oven. It should give you  
many years trouble-free cooking if installed and operated  
correctly. It is important that you read this section before you  
start, particularly if you have not used an electric oven before.  
Personal Safety  
Accessible parts will become hot during use and  
will retain heat even after you have stopped  
cooking. Keep babies and children away from the  
This appliance is designed for domestic cooking  
When the oven is not in use, ensure that the control  
knobs are in the OFF position.  
only. Using it for any other purpose could invalidate  
any warranty or liability claim. In particular, the  
oven should NOT be used for heating the kitchen  
– besides invalidating claims, this wastes fuel and  
may overheat the control knobs.  
To minimise the possibility of burns, always be  
certain that the controls are in the OFF position and  
that the entire oven is cool before attempting to  
Installation and Maintenance  
Use dry oven gloves when applicable – using damp  
gloves might result in steam burns when you touch a  
hot surface. Never operate the oven with wet hands.  
Do not use a towel or other bulky cloth in place of a  
glove – it might catch fire if it touches a hot surface.  
The electrical installation should be in accordance  
with BS 7671, or with the relevant national and local  
regulations. Have the installer show you the location of  
the oven control switch and mark it for easy reference.  
Only a qualified service engineer should service the oven,  
and only approved spare parts should be used.  
Always keep combustible wall coverings or curtains,  
etc., a safe distance away from your oven, and never  
wear loose-fitting or hanging clothes while using the  
Make sure that the oven is wired in and switched on.  
Always allow the oven to cool and then switch it off at the mains  
before cleaning or carrying out any maintenance work, unless  
otherwise specified in this guide.  
Do not store or use aerosols, or any other potentially  
combustible or flammable materials, in the vicinity  
of the oven.  
Care should be taken to avoid touching the heating  
elements inside the main oven.  
Before First Use  
Before using the oven for the first time clean it thoroughly.  
Switch off the unit at the isolator or mains supply. Remove all  
packing materials and accessories. Using hot water and a mild  
detergent, wipe the oven interior and then rinse carefully  
with a damp cloth. Wash the oven shelves and accessories in  
a dishwasher or using hot water and a mild detergent and dry  
Whole chickens and large joints of meat should be  
defrosted thoroughly in the refrigerator. Do not  
defrost in a warm oven or while the adjoining oven  
is in operation or still warm.  
Cooking high moisture content foods can create a  
‘steam burst’ when the oven door is opened. When  
opening the oven stand well back and allow any  
steam to disperse.  
Slide the oven shelves into the oven and close the door. To  
dispel any manufacturing smells, turn the oven to 200°C and  
run for an hour.  
When the oven is on, DO NOT leave the oven door  
open for longer than necessary.  
Before using the grill for the first time you should also turn on  
the grill and run for 30 minutes with the grill pan in position,  
pushed fully back, and the grill door open.  
Never heat unopened food containers. Pressure  
build-up may cause the containers to burst and  
cause injury.  
Do not use aluminium foil to cover shelves, linings or  
the oven roof.  
This appliance is heavy, so take care when moving it.  
In the interests of hygiene and safety, the oven should  
be kept clean at all times as a build up in fats and other  
foodstuffs could result in a fire.  
Clean only the parts listed in this guide.  
Clean with caution. If a wet sponge or cloth is used to wipe  
spills on a hot surface, be careful to avoid steam burns. Some  
cleansers can produce noxious fumes if applied to a hot  
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ArtNo.024-0001 - Overview - R604 oven  
2. Oven Overview  
Temperature control  
Temperature indicator  
Clock & timer display  
Clock & timer controls  
Function indicator light  
Function selector knob  
4 function oven  
The oven (Fig.2-1) has a multi-function oven cavity with  
two retractable push-in controls for function selection and  
temperature operation, and a touch sensitive timer.  
The oven functions are shown in (Fig.2-2):  
Oven light  
The oven interior light comes on.  
Fan oven  
s y m b  
9 -  
This function operates the fan and the heating  
element. An even heat is produced throughout the  
oven, allowing you to cook large amounts quickly.  
Oven light  
Fan oven  
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Fan oven cooking is particularly suitable for baking on several  
shelves at one time and is a good ‘all-roundfunction. It may  
be necessary to reduce the temperature by approximately  
10°C for recipes previously cooked in a conventional oven.  
If you wish to preheat the oven, wait until the temperature