Minolta Digital Camera XK User Manual

The Minolta XK | XM SLR  
Your Minolta XK is a wide-scope electronic system camera that accepts all Minolta  
SLR lenses and accessories as well as XK interchangeable finders and focusing  
screens. It is engineered and built to give you greatest precision; easiest, most  
convenient operation; and maximum versatility. It gives full information and offers  
complete control of all camera exposure variables. In automatic operation, the XK  
will adjust exposure with utmost accuracy electronically, freeing you for more  
enjoyment or greater creativity.  
Before using your camera for the first time, study this manual carefully all the way  
through - or at least all the sections needed to cover your own photographic needs.  
As you read, assemble the screen, finder, lens, and body as described on the few  
chapters found in this site such as load batteries, and handle your XK and acquaint  
yourself with its parts and features. Then load it with film and proceed to actual  
picture-taking. In this way, you can take good photos and begin to realize the great  
potential of your XK right from the start. A big portion of this site is constructed  
base on the operational manual of the XK camera to ensure accurate information  
and instructions for user's daily operations and maintainance of this camera with  
distinctively high collective value.  
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