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1012, 1016, 1040, 1072  
1012 E.B.C.Three Warmer  
In-Line Automatic Coffee Brewer  
(with Hot Water Faucet)  
Model 1072  
1016 E.B.C. Three Warmer  
In-Line Automatic Coffee Brewer  
(with Hot Water Faucet)  
1040 E.B.C. Two Warmer  
In-Line Automatic Coffee Brewer  
(with Hot Water Faucet)  
1072 E.B.C. Three Warmer Stepped  
Right Automatic Coffee Brewer  
(with Hot Water Faucet)  
The E.B.C. systems have added Electronic  
Brewer Control technology to our standard  
electro-mechanical brewers. Many of the same  
body configurations and parts of our standard  
electro-mechanical units were used, making service  
quick and easy. The E.B.C. system uses a touch  
keypad with switches and lights, plus an audible  
signal. The lights and signal guide the user through  
the different brewer operations.  
After Hours Mode will automatically reduce water  
temperature when not in use, saving energy and  
increasing component life.  
Precise brewing temperature is established  
and maintained throughout the brew cycle,  
providing cold brew lockout and ensuring full  
flavored coffee and faster brewer recovery.  
Countdown Quality Timer™ will signal the end  
of preset coffee holding time.  
Brew cycle timer eliminates the risk of double  
brewing during brew cycle.  
A high level of commonality of parts with  
other Bloomfield models will significantly reduce  
the inventory of spare parts required to service  
many body styles.  
• Exclusive design provides easy access to  
components for quick service.  
Ready-to-Brew light indicates the proper  
water temperature to help eliminate the  
guesswork in brewing.  
• Built in pour over feature provides flexibility.  
Unique water valve with built-in flow control  
assures consistent operation at 20-80 p.s.i.  
Electronic sensor recognizs water temperature  
extremely accurately for more consistent product.  
Superior sprayhead design spreads water  
over the coffee grounds, creating agitation  
and a floating action that completely  
saturates the coffee to capture the full,  
rich essence.  
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